Create Your Own Bundle Mailed To You (BMTY)

Create Your Own (CYO) Holiday Photo card Bundle Mailed to You


Create your own holiday photo card. Design your image in a photo application and save as a jig file Upload your created .jpg image and add your personal sentiment and family member names. Bundle Mailed to You, here you can order any combination up to 100 cards in one box from the holiday photo cards that you create. 

* Folded 5x7 greeting card designed by your soon to be favorite

        Artists - Bundle Mailed to You (BMTY) with Green Envelopes.

* Shipped in boxes to you with up to 100 cards and envelopes

    per box   

1st boxes ships for $5.50, each additional box ships to

         same address for an additional $1.25 per box.

Card Quantities                   Price per Card            Charity Donation = $1.00 for Each Card Purchased

      1-29 cards                   =$2.58 per card            $1.00 from the purchase price of each card goes to

     30-49 cards                  = $2.54 per card           the charity of your choice. If you purchase 50 cards 

    50-79 cards                  = $2.50 per card            that's $50.00 that will help feed, clothe, house, and

    80-100 cards                 = $2.45 per card            heal those in need this holiday season.



The Bundle Mailed to you are shipped to you in a box                                                                                      

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