Designer Artist Photo Sets-Full Service


Holiday Designer Photo Cards, Folded – Singles and Sets -

Full Service Direct Mailed – (FSDM)

1Quantity pricing is available for Full Service Direct Mail Cards - FSDM = Each card is addressed and mailed for you saving you time at an impressive value. Postage is included in the purchase price of each FSDM card.  

The following will help get you started:

2. Choose a (landscape or portrait postcard). Import your photo image Choose File. Add some fun, humor, and emotion by adding a speech bubble to your image.

3. Enter and Preview your Personal MessageClick Save & Proceed. Options are available in the Preview Personal Message Side for changing; font style, size, color and page positioning of your personal message.

4. Choose from our Charity/Non-Profit Partners or, Enter The Name Of Your Charity Here. This Charity/Nonprofit will receive a $1.00 donation from the purchase price of each card you buy. 

6. You may choose to have your cards delivered within 5 days or at a future date of your choosing, then enter the number of cards you want to order and add to your cart. Click Your Shopping Cart and complete your checkout.

7. If you have multiple cards, choose send to multiple addresses, enter the recipient name and address for each card. Complete Checkout.

8. (Optional/Recommended) You may import your addresses into your GiveWrite account address book. To import them: click on Account at the top left of the page and choose ADDRESSES from the side bar menu. From ADDRESSES, select Click here to import your addresses. On the Welcome to GiveWrite page, login to authenticate your shopping account. Click on the Tab Contact Import Start Here and follow the directions. There is a sample .CSV file you can download, enter your contacts information, save and Import. From your GiveWrite Account Addresses you can also add them manually one at a time, select New Address. Logout and close “Import Contacts” tab. Click on your shopping cart and complete checkout.