GiveWrite Cards Mission


Our mission is to provide all charitable and non-profit organizations a sustainable, no-cost medium to support stakeholder cultivation and raise funds for their programs and services through promoting acts of kindness.


 About Us

GiveWrite is an exciting eCommerce print-on-demand greeting card company. Print-on-demand means you no longer have to go to the store to purchase greeting cards and then to the post office to mail them. At, you choose the card add your personal message then GiveWrite prints and mails your card via USPS.

 GiveWrite greeting cards sell for $3.85  including postage and you can designate $1.00 from the purchase price to go to a charity of your choice.

Yet There has never been an easier more thoughtful way to make someone’s day and support your favorite charity or non-profit!


Send a real greeting card from your laptop, PC or mobile device - THROUGH THE MAIL - and support your favorite charity simultaneously!

GiveWrite was founded by Tim Herold, CEO.  Tim has been involved with charities for over 30 years, and he has seen first-hand the need and the the awesome work that is done through teaching those less fortunate how to lead healthy and independent lives. Tim has participated in the incredible and challenging art of donor cultivation and fundraising. Breaking the reliance and need for government assistance is critical to our community health and future growth.

His vision for GiveWrite is to provide a sustainable, no cost revenue stream for all charitable organizations by using an eCommerce product/service with which people are familiar...Print-on-Demand Greeting Cards. 

You can send a greeting card to a loved one IN THE MAIL, and support their favorite charity or nonprofit at the same time...and for NO ADDITIONAL COST. 
GiveWrite is for: 
  • Consumers: who want to send quality greeting cards to loved ones through the mail, all from the convenience of their computer, laptop or mobile device, at retail store prices. No fee to join, no fee to be a member. 
  • Nonprofit Organizations: Use GiveWrite as an additional revenue stream by sharing our site with all of your donors, volunteers, staff and Board members. Anytime any one of your affiliated members sends a card to their family or friend, your organizations gets $1.00! If you have 5000 donors on your list and 20% of them send 2 cards in a year, you just received $2,000 you never had. And all you did was tell them about GiveWrite. We do the rest. 
    Think what would happen if more of them sent cards through GiveWrite. What would happen if the people who THEY sent their cards to, used GiveWrite too? And they told someone else? More money for your organization! See how easy it works? It’s exponential!! 
The Greeting Card Association reports that the average household sends 18+ greeting cards per year.
  • Artists: Make money with your card designs! GiveWrite also provides a revenue stream to artists and designers who create greeting card designs and submit them for inclusion on our website. If the designs meet industry standards (and are not offensive to us) we will put them in the library and pay the artists for every card/design that is sold. Click “Calling all Artists” for more information. 
  • Give Write is a WIN-WIN-WIN!                      Click  imagegivewrite-video-1.jpgto watch the
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