WriteStage - Your Branding On-The-Road, At Major Events

WriteStage is a 53-foot, eighteen-wheel tractor trailer and mobile branding center. The truck will follow a pre-scheduled tour of community events hosted by nonprofit and other organizations. (Examples: marathons, off-road, motor sports, swimming, baseball, football, basketball, Special Olympics, Race for the Cure, etc.)

The covered canopy area will display our print-on-demand greeting card services, introduce the organizations and give you an area to present your interests and corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy. The opposite side will have a private covered entry that will give the organization event staff access to an air conditioned office command center. The secured office will include desks, satellite access, monitors and tools to manage any part of the event. The rear of the truck will transform into a twenty four feet by fourteen feet high, lighted and raised platform area to be used for presentations, photography, entertainment and media center.

The paint and graphics, along with the artwork, will present the truck as a high-profile crowd attraction as well as a 24/7 canvas for branding. The branding will continue during the relocation travel to the next event, within the same region of the U.S. Your branding will be the main attraction on the truck and trailer. The canopy area will have plenty of room for you to offer the crowds product information, samples, introductions and any other concierge activities you wish. Your CSR strategy will be displayed at its highest possible point to a crowd that will be in a safe, fun and comfortable zone with friends and colleagues.

We will build into WriteStage any requirements you have to become the “Hero of the Day.” The many visitors and participants that experience your presence at each event will remember your contributions to their community, and your brand, and provide you with new customers simply because of your involvement.