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Now there is a thoughtful way to support Esperança and make someone's day! GiveWrite Cards is partnering with Esperança and has developed a program to raise money for Esperança's programs and services. In fact, you can donate $1.00 to Esperança from the purchase price of each card and purchasing an Esperança Artist Card adds another $0.30 royalty for a total of $1.30. GiveWrite cards sell from $1.98 to $3.85, most include postage.

Order from you PC, laptop, smart phone or tablet, no more going to the store to purchase of post office to mail your greeting cards. Choose cards from all categories and for all occasions. Create photo cards and holiday photo cards. All cards can be personalized and customize choosing font; style, size, color and page position. Add a text balloon to your photos (speech, whisper, thought and scream). Order cards now and select a future deliver by date.

Statistics show that the families send 30 individual cards per year, so what are you waiting for support your favorite charity and make someone's day!

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