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A group of students at the ASU School of Criminology and Social Justice have launched a communications resource to strengthen the Arizona Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program. The goal is to increase the frequency and quality of communication between family and inmates, leading to lower recidivism. This sustainable resource helps bridge the gap between prison visits and replace the need for expensive phone calls.


This resource and it components are provided at no cost by Give Write Cards. GiveWrite is an exciting print-on-demand greeting card company. Print-on-demand means you no longer need to go to the store to purchase greeting cards and then to the post office to mail them. Give Write cards sell for $3.79 including postage. The card purchaser can designate $1.00 from the purchase price of each card to the charity of their choice. Inmate art from the {Ink}carcerated program will be made into greeting cards for purchase by all. The {INK}carcerated program will receive $0.30 (thirty cents) for each card that is sold from the Inside-Out Collection. 


Log into from your computer, mobile device or smart phone. Choose or design a greeting card and add your personal message. GiveWrite then prints and mails your card USPS. The ASU Foundation will be the receiving charity and they will direct funds to the Arizona Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program Re-entry Project, Inside-Out will receive a $1.00 donation for each card sold when they are selected as the charity of choice. 


                                  Click the images below to shop, create, and order cards!

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