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Charity Partner Benefits

     1. GiveWrite Services are provided at NO COST to your organization.

    2. You will be listed on our Website under Charity Partners
    3. We will build you a Brand Landing Page with a URL that you can use for Marketing.
This page will feature your Charity's Logo, Mission and Explain how the GiveWrite Create, Send and Support Program
can be used by your Stakeholders to financially support your programs and services.
    4. We will provide you with marketing materials to use in your newsletters, emails, and on your Website.
    5. Will will provide you with login access to your account in the GiveWrite Back Office.
Here you will be able to view and export your sales, generated and paid royalties reports, along with other analytic reports.
     6. We will provide you discounts on our Greeting Card Lines to use for Donor Cultivation and Employee Recognition.
       7. Your Charity will be presented as a Featured Charity regularly on the GiveWrite Website.
     8. When folks purchase Greeting Cards from your Brand Landing page, 
your charity will automatically be selected as the Charity Partner donation recipient on the order page.
9. In addition, your charity can become a GiveWrite Contributing Artist and receive royalties from
your images that we produce into greeting cards and sell.

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